Tecnomodel TM43-29A McLaren Elva Mk I #47 'McLaren' 3rd pl Canada Grand Prix 1964

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Tecnomodel TM43-29A McLaren Elva Mk I #47 'Bruce McLaren' 3rd pl Canada Grand Prix 1964 (Debut Race), 1/43rd scale resin model car.

Information on the McLaren Elva Mk.I from
M1A - 1964-65
The original McLaren built Group 7 sports racing car was a simple space frame design with a light and compact Oldsmobile V-8 engine, cooper wheels, uprights and steering arms, and a Hewland Gearbox. Fitted with the engine effort the Zerex, the McLaren M1 lowered the Zerex's records at Goodwood by a clear 3 seconds.
The car was painted black with a silver stripe ( New Zealand's colours) and it was the fastest car on the track at Mosport in September, but with a broken throttle linkage and a long pit stop, Bruce came back to finish third. Later on that season at Nassau the car was painted an orange red colour and the car finished second to Roger Penske's Chaparral.
In England Frank Nichols of Elva Cars called on Bruce and a long association was formed with Peter Agg of Trojan (Elva's parent company) to build McLaren replicas They were to be called McLaren-Elvas. The M1A was put into production as the McLaren-Elva Mark 1 and versions appeared with 4.7 litre Ford V-8 power in addition to the standard 4.5 litre Olds, A total 24 were built and met with success, although it became apparent that the Olds engine was just too small for the class.
Chassis: Large diameter round and square tubular frame with light alloy sheet riveted and bonded to it, forming stressed undertray and bulkheads.
Suspension: Independent by unequal length wide based wishbones, anti-roll bar and adjustable coil spring/shock units in the front. Trailing radius arms with single top links, reversed lower wishbones, anti roll bar and adjustable coil spring/shock units at the rear.
Brakes: Dual circuit Girling discs all around.
Body: Four section polyester resin with integral brake and radiator ducting and side sections housing twin fuel tanks.
Engine: Traco Oldsmobile 4.5 Litre V-8 standard with Hewland LG4 speed gearbox.
Dimensions: Wheelbase 91 inches, front track 51 inches, rear track 51 inches.
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