Le Mans Miniatures / Spark Model LMS008 Porsche 917 LH #25 'Elford - Ahrens' Le Mans 1970

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Le Mans Miniatures / Spark Model LMS008 Porsche 917 LH #25 'Vic Elford - Kurt Ahrens' DNF Le Mans 1970, 1/24th scale resin model car. 

Nicely detailed and very accurate, this collaboration between Le Mans Miniatures and Spark Model produces some of the finest 1/24th scale built endurance models on the market today. The model is mounted on a solid wood base and includes a high quality acrylic dust cover to protect your model.

Porsche's breakthrough in sports car racing came with the famous 12-cylinder 917, first seen in 1969. Before the 917, the German manufacturer had been on the fringes of being a star in the endurance area. After the 917 it became the king of long distance competition. While the 500 horsepower 917 came in many guises, the most exotic were the unusual appearing "langhecks," or longtail models, built only for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In its initial season, the 917 longtails were in actuality short tail versions, fitted with a "clip on" addition at the rear to transform them into Le Mans contenders. Such was their handling at the 200 plus mile an hour speeds of Le Mans' famous Mulsanne straight, that no one wanted to drive them with the exception of ex-rally ace Vic Elford and even he was concerned by the 917's ill handling. For 1970, the longtails were completely redesigned, this one being put on the pole by Elford, who topped 235 miles an hour on Mulsanne during qualifying.


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